Studio Organization Update – Storage and Photobooth

I have two wire shelving systems in the studio. One is a standard shelving system, but the other is a weird unit that was built to go inside a closet. It also has an ugly grey fabric cover so you can alternatively use it as a wardrobe. I had so many miscellaneous containers & storage bins on it, I put the cover on. But then I just had an ugly grey blob in the corner of the room.

Step one, take off the ugly cover. Then I evaluated what actually needed to be stored on the unit, and got rid of most of the ineffective containers I had been using to store stuff. I only put back the items that were actually needed, and it gave me room for the vintage suitcases I decoupaged a couple of years ago.

Despite the variety of storage containers, they are unified by labels. The contents are written in pencil, so you can erase and reuse as needed. The top of the shelves are a great location for the odd-sized baskets.

The whole unit sits next to the smaller of the metal credenzas, which is where my portable photo studio lives. The industrial drawers below hold the photo props used for product shots. I removed the doors to the credenzas so I can clearly see the plastic shoeboxes. It also eliminates the pinched fingers that inevitably occurred when opening or shutting the credenza.