Sewing Themed Collage – Part 2

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting the next steps in my sewing themed collage. I hope the Super Bowl was able to entertain you in my absence.

Without further ado, here is the continuing saga of the Sewing Themed Collage

After I placed the initial pieces, I through the collage needed a photographic element. I liked this image of a kid in a candy store, and thought it added an additional vintage element. I accented it with an old-fashioned photo mount. I wasn’t quite pleased with the result, so I attempted to fix it using the old favorite, “if you don’t like the way something looks, try to cover your mistake with velum.” I then followed that with the other old favorite, “if you don’t have the correct adhesive, just use a lot of what you do have, maybe that will work.” That just created a huge mess.

So now I have, a photo I dislike, and wavy bumpy velum because Modge Podge (MP from now on) and velum aggressively dislike each other.

So, once it had dried, I tore off that mistake, which left a nice little ragged look. Lemons, now you are lemonade!

I then used a vinyl number in the lower corner. The black stands out like a sore thumb, but don’t worry, it won’t last. This picture shows the cool paper scraps left where the photo/vellum once were.

I took an old ragged paint brush and dry brushed a little white paint over the six and the side of the collage.

To soften this harsh white color on an otherwise muted collage, I rubbed gel paint in raw umber all over the canvas. This especially looks cool on any raw paper that hasn’t been MP’ed yet.

I then removed the lovely vinyl 6 which left a slight outline of where it once was. See, I told you it would all be alright.

I still felt like the piece was missing something, so I looked in my drawer of scraps and found the perfect item. A couple of years ago, I made a mini album out of my canceled passport (future blog post), and I had printed mini photographs onto transparencies. I still have a couple lying around, and I thought it would be the vintage-y photographic element I was looking for. I love how you can still see the text behind the picture. Here is the final piece.


Decopauged Vintage Suitcases

I have collected vintage Samsonite suitcases for as long as I have been trolling antique and thrift stores. I don’t know why exactly, but I rarely pass one up if I can pick it up for under $10. They are o.k. for storage, but there are much more efficient options out there. But it must be the lingering sense of adventure that accompanies old luggage. The far off song of the train whistle in the distance, oceanic voyages that take days…pretty much any old movie with travel appeals to me.

Looking for a way to incorporate the luggage with a craft project, I decided to decopauge one with vintage sheet music. The paper was so delightfully aged, and crumbly, it soaked up the Modge Podge beautifully. Here is is mid-project:

I cut the paper in half so the sheets would be easier to work with.

The project went so quickly, and the results we so beautiful, I decided to tackle the other pieces I had. Michael’s was clearancing out their 8 1/2 x 11″ scrapbooking paper, so I purchased those for cheap. I selected coordinating pieces and then tore them into manageable shapes. I wanted the effect to look shabby and quilted, so I was more random with the layout than I was with the musical suitcase.

I then trudged them all to the beautiful vintage train depot in town and photographed them. Avoiding all the high school seniors and wedding couples also utilizing the sunset lighting, I did some quick location shots to try to capture the sense of traveling in the past.

I still haven’t found a ‘use’ for them, other than decoration. But decor can be useful, if only to brighten the day.