Paper Collage Mirror

I have been so busy cleaning up my studio, it hasn’t left me much time to actually create anything. However, my friend, G’s, birthday was a great opportunity to try something new. Using my mad decoupage skills, I created this fun collage mirror.

I started with my old favorite, the IKEA MALMA mirror, and then started cutting millions of 1″ squares from paper scraps, photos, ad scans–whatever matched the pink vibrant color scheme and images I thought G would like.

O.K., it wasn’t actually millions of squares, but it seemed like it at the time. I was trying to be square & true, but I am sure some of my angles were more like 89 or 90 degrees. If I do this project again, I will invest in a Marvy paper punch!

I then decoupaged all the squares onto the mirror, making sure to mix up the patterns & images so they would be spread out evenly. I did one top coat of Modge Podge and once that dried, I sprayed a couple of coats of high gloss clear sealer on it.

This is the finished project: