Friday Adventures – Idaho Botanical Garden

I am lucky enough to have a job that affords me Wednesdays & Fridays off during the summer. Not wanting to waste this precious time, I decided that Wednesdays would be my home-work days, where I would run the errands, work at home, etc. But Fridays would be a nice day to experience new or non-routine activities to expand my horizons and to create some special memories.

This is the first of these Friday adventures.

Friday, May 11 – Idaho Botanical Garden

My co-worker and friend, Ann Price and I took advantage of a gorgeous Spring day and the National Public Gardens free admission day at the Idaho Botanical Garden. I can’t remember the last time I was at this delightful garden, when I wasn’t attending for a wedding, or Winter Garden A-Glow. It was a lovely day with a slight breeze, and Ann and I learned about drought tolerant plants and climbed to the top of the Lewis & Clark trail, nestled under Tablerock. We got a flyer for their intimate in-garden concert series. That sounds like a fun evening, bring your picnic basket and enjoy some of Boise’s favorite bands. I will definitely have to go for Non-Fat John’s concert.