Sewing Themed Collage – Part 2

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting the next steps in my sewing themed collage. I hope the Super Bowl was able to entertain you in my absence.

Without further ado, here is the continuing saga of the Sewing Themed Collage

After I placed the initial pieces, I through the collage needed a photographic element. I liked this image of a kid in a candy store, and thought it added an additional vintage element. I accented it with an old-fashioned photo mount. I wasn’t quite pleased with the result, so I attempted to fix it using the old favorite, “if you don’t like the way something looks, try to cover your mistake with velum.” I then followed that with the other old favorite, “if you don’t have the correct adhesive, just use a lot of what you do have, maybe that will work.” That just created a huge mess.

So now I have, a photo I dislike, and wavy bumpy velum because Modge Podge (MP from now on) and velum aggressively dislike each other.

So, once it had dried, I tore off that mistake, which left a nice little ragged look. Lemons, now you are lemonade!

I then used a vinyl number in the lower corner. The black stands out like a sore thumb, but don’t worry, it won’t last. This picture shows the cool paper scraps left where the photo/vellum once were.

I took an old ragged paint brush and dry brushed a little white paint over the six and the side of the collage.

To soften this harsh white color on an otherwise muted collage, I rubbed gel paint in raw umber all over the canvas. This especially looks cool on any raw paper that hasn’t been MP’ed yet.

I then removed the lovely vinyl 6 which left a slight outline of where it once was. See, I told you it would all be alright.

I still felt like the piece was missing something, so I looked in my drawer of scraps and found the perfect item. A couple of years ago, I made a mini album out of my canceled passport (future blog post), and I had printed mini photographs onto transparencies. I still have a couple lying around, and I thought it would be the vintage-y photographic element I was looking for. I love how you can still see the text behind the picture. Here is the final piece.


Sewing Themed Collage – Part 1

This is a little 8 1/2 x 10″ collage I created for my friend, D’s, birthday. Since D is a theatrical costume designer, I wanted to create a simple collage featuring ephemera relating to sewing & fabric. However, I wanted the colors to remain muted and neutral so it wouldn’t distract from the vibrant inspiration wall for the current theatrical production in D’s office.

I started with a stretched canvas on wood. I painted it a neutral brownish tan color roughly, showing brush strokes and some of the white underneath. I then decoupaged scrapbooking paper of a vintage fabric & millinery supply catalog. I do my painting & decoupaging while the canvas is sitting on an old text book, this acts as a drop cloth for paint & glue, and when the paper gets too gross, you can just turn the page to another brand new drop cloth.

To smooth the bubbles out, I use old gift cards. The small size is great, plus you can just toss it when it is too gluey.

I then started playing around with the layout of the other papers. I knew I wanted to incorporate pieces from a vintage sewing pattern, and for the other papers I chose them for their content, but also for their color. Since this piece would be muted, I wanted them all to be similar hue.

Once I was happy with the layout, I decopauged the pieces with Modge Podge. I waited for each piece to adhere before putting the next piece on.

The pattern piece was the most difficult to decoupage–it was so thin, it had a tendency to tear, but also developed bubbles. This is when the gift card smoother came in handy!

This post is taking forever for me to finish, so I will continue in a second post…