Redecorating the living room – Part 3: trash to treasure lamps and end tables

Part 1, Part 2

As I was preparing to paint the living room, my neighbor came over to tell me about the estate sale she would be holding first thing Friday morning. I anxiously awaited the event, which is the best kind of yard sale, the kind you can walk to and from. My proximity also meant I could be one of the first people at the sale.

Talk about a score, I managed to get two lamps, two tables and a leather chair and recliner. The tables and lamps were probably purchased together, along with the chair when the house was built in the 1950’s. They fit so well together, I decided to get rid of my mismatched lamps and tables, as well as the reclining chair that was a recent hand-me-down from my parents.

However, as cool and mid-century as the lamps were, the gold color and dingy lampshades will not do. The lamps are enormous, which will look great with my enormous couch. Within ten minutes of returning home, I was wiping down the lamps and shaking up the spray paint. I used one of the colors left over from my chair project.

When the first coat was drying, I realized I would need more spray paint to do the job. That also meant I could make a trip to Home Fabrics for some fabric for the shades. (An aside about Home Fabrics, this is THE BEST store for decorator fabrics and rugs…some bolts as low as $1 a yard. Their hours are terribly inconvenient, but the store is fantastic!)

I found some barkcloth in a retro print that is mid-century-ish. Mom volunteered to cover the shades using spray adhesive and grosgrain ribbon. I painted the other lamp, and here is the result:


Here is a before & after photo of the final product in the room:




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