Friday Adventures – Downs Estate Auction

Friday, May 25 – Downs Auction, Eagle, ID

My parents occasionally attend estate auctions on Fridays, and their favorite ones are run by Downs Auctions. They new I was looking for a new leather couch, so they invited me to go along with them to this estate auction. It was a great auction to attend, as it contained two estates as well as motorcycles, autos and even a boat. My father was there for the collectible toys, but I was interested in the items from a Sun Valley bed & breakfast. The first three hours were in the rain, but once we came back from lunch, the rain subsided, and by then they were onto the stuff I was interested in.

The first item I bid on was a little brass key attached to a motel keychain from a long-since closed hotel in Ontario, Oregon. I picked up this unique treasure for $5–I should have waited a couple more minutes, and I could have bid lower as I was the only bidder, but I hadn’t learned the ropes yet. The second item I bid on(and won), is rather silly, but it seemed like a deal that was too good to pass up. I mean, who doesn’t need a silver-plated serving dish for $7.50? Perfect for those formal dinners I am never throwing.

After lunch, I had finally learned the protocol, and was ready for action. I had my number-card in hand, and was ready, so when they got to the wrought-iron couch and matching coffee table, I knew it would look great on my porch. It was me against another woman in her twenties, but when the gavel hit, it was mine…technically there wasn’t a gavel, but you get the drift. I then bid on the two chairs and end table from the same set, and also won those. The entire set was $120–which is such a great deal. These are really high-end pieces that will never wear out.

The final item I bid on was a gorgeous top-grain leather sofa. I wasn’t the highest bidder, but since there were two couches, once the winning bidder said he only wanted one of them, I was able to purchase the other couch since I was the second highest bidder. After I won it, I then started to think of the logistics of how I was going to get everything home. My father made it work though. It was like the Jode Family making the journey from the dust bowl to California, but we made it work. This was a very profitable Friday adventure!


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