Colorful chairs for outdoor dining

Inspired by the last scene in the film, Chocolat, I decided that my back porch needed a long rustic farmhouse table with colorful chairs. I can just picture fun meals spent with family and friends around the table, lit by candlelight all summer long.

So, for the first step, I scouted out the local thrift stores for kitchen chairs. My friend and my mother both independently saw these chairs and they were right. They are comfortable and sturdy, even though there were only three, they were a steal at $9 each.


I was so excited to start the project, I forgot to get a before photo, but all three were the ugly orange wood. I cleaned them and lightly sanded down any rough spots before painting them with spray paint. This one is my favorite because of the gorgeous peacock-blue color.


For the next chairs, I visited 20 different yard sales, before I found the perfect set of chairs. These had been stripped and redone by the previous owner. She was apologetic that she hadn’t finished covering all of the seats, but she was nice enough to give me the fabric so I could cover the last chair.

These were also a great deal at $40 for the set.


This is my color palette for the chairs:


The first chairs took 1 1/2 cans each, but the cushioned chairs only took 3/4 a can each.

The finished set of four without their chair pads.


The next step is to paint all of these with an additional coat of exterior water-based Polyurethane. The spray paint alone might work fine since they will be under a covered patio, but since they will also be around food and beverage, better to be safe than sorry.


This photo shows the fabulous fabric the upholstered seats came with. I didn’t try to match the paint to the fabric, but it looks fantastic with all of the different colors.

The turquoise chair didn’t take spray paint well, so I sanded off the bubbly bits so I could repaint it, but I think I like it distressed. Since none of the other chairs are Shabby-Chic, I am not sure it I will keep it distressed or not.

Here is the complete set:


The next project will be the rustic farmhouse table. The table in the photograph is one of those ugly particleboard folding tables with a multitude of craftroom scars…hence the tablecloth.


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