Friday Adventures – War Horse Load-In and Sloth Bear Exhibit at Zoo Boise

Friday, May 18 – War Horse Load-in and Zoo Boise Sloth Bear Exhibit Sneak Peak

My niece, Cameron accompanied me on this adventure. After visiting a couple of thrift stores for my outdoor dining chairs, we stopped by the Morrison Center to use the rest room and pick up something from my office. While we were there, the crew of the National Touring Production of War Horse was unloading truck #4 of 16 into the Morrison Center main stage and into the Danny Peterson Theatre. One of my MC colleagues snuck us into the main stage area where we watched them unload more lighting trusses that I ever thought imaginable. I am really looking forward to the production when it opens in the Morrison Center June 6th.

The main adventure for that day was to check out the renovation of the new Sloth Bear exhibit at Zoo Boise. My co-worker, Fran Maxwell and Mike Baltzell had been tasked to refurbish an old exhibit to make it look like Jodhpur, India with colorful fabrics, painting techniques and more blue paint than I have ever seen in my life. I did the graphic design for 11 signs for the exhibit, so it was nice to be able to see where my signs will be located.

Fran gave Cameron and I a behind the scenes tour of the enclosure, and we even got to peek inside where he will live. The bear, Paji hadn’t moved in yet, but it will be neat the next time we see it, he will be enjoying the space. This was a special experience and I am so thankful for Fran for taking time out of her busy schedule to show us around.


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