Jewelry Display Board – Permanent

The last jewelry display board I blogged about is the one I use for shows and for my studio. The foam-core board makes it lightweight, and the cubicle clips work well for earring cards and one or two necklaces. However, for my own day-to-day jewelry storage, I needed something a little more robust.

Working with an old frame, I cut a piece of plywood to fit inside the frame. I then decoupaged this with scraps of my favorite scrapbook and vintage paper. I wiped on some gel paint in burnt umber to create age and dimension. Then a couple of coats of spray poly to protect it.

To hang the jewelry, I shopped around and found a floral drawer pull that Lowes had on clearance. I then created a grid of where the pulls would be. I wanted the majority of the storage to be for long necklaces, but I also wanted some for shorter ones. I drilled holes for the screws and then screwed on the drawer pulls.

I then hung the board in my room, and now I have a fantastic place to store my jewelry that also becomes a design element in the room.


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