Studio Organization Update – The desk, credenza and hutch

Whoa. I left the largest project for last. It was a big job, but it is done and my desk now looks fantastic….although now I can see that the top needs a new coat of paint, who would have known? I haven’t seen the surface in years.

How bad was it? Here is the gory before & the glorious after.

The main storage problem is, and always will be little scraps of paper. I have clear drawers and bins for larger pieces of paper–the problem is what to do with all the tiny pieces you may need for later. (Isn’t that what people on Hoarders always say, “I may need it for later?”)

So, for answers, I went to source of all knowledge of craft and organization, Martha Stewart. Well, more specifically, her minions at The Craft Studio. They suggested storing scraps in sheet protectors stored in a binder. I tried this, but the 8 1/2 x 11″ sheet protectors didn’t work for 12 x 12″ scrapbooking paper. So, I purchased an inexpensive scrapbook at Tuesday Morning, and my world changed forever through organization.

Paper is organized by color, theme, type, whatever I want. So now I can go to the “vintage paper” page and select a tiny piece of dictionary page. Or, I can go to the “vintage music” page and get a piece of music. I have also used pages to store those sets of paper, labels and stickers that only coordinate with each other. When I did the collage mirror, I went to the pink section and pulled from that collection. AMAZING, and yet, why didn’t I think of this sooner?!?!?

Moving on, the painted hutch holds vintage books, knick-knacks, red stacking boxes with tiny quotes, images and other scraps, and other ephemera you simply cannot live without. Tiny Monkeemobile, tiny DeLorean from Back to the Future, I Dream of Jeannie lunchbox? You all have a home in CarrieTown. I also love the meta inclusion of the tiny green painted hutch in the large green painted hutch.

The hutch was long ago separated from its base. So instead, it sits atop the larger metal credenza. I removed one of the doors, and filled it with labeled shoeboxes full of supplies.

The nook between the hutch and the credenza stores plastic drawers for whole sheets of scrapbooking paper, a caddy for scissors and stamp pads, and the scrapbook of scraps.

The desk is so clean, I even put organizing bins in each of the drawers, but I think those photos would only be interesting to me.

Behind the desk, the wooden dresser holds completed artwork, my multifunction printer, and packing supplies like bubble wrap and tissue paper–all items that don’t need to be accessed often.

Atop the dresser there is a basket for works in progress, and hanging folders for paperwork.

In the cleanup I found these narrow strips of cork, so I pinned them next to the window for additional inspiration area. The cork is so thin, I think I am actually pinning directly into the wall, but that’s what paint is for.

The final addition to the studio is this repurposed chandelier. Years ago, my mother and I were are Lowes, and saw two chandeliers shoved in a shopping cart with a $20 price tag. They had been store displays and were covered with dust. I purchased the more ornate one for my bedroom (that rehab will be a whole other blog post), and my mother purchased the other one for her bathroom. Years later, she was tired of the insufficient lighting in her bathroom and gave it back to me. Once my studio renovation was done, I rewired it to be a plug-in pendant and hung it in my studio. It now has a place of pride over my desk. I find it really accentuates the unfinished ceiling nicely.

So, 1 month after I started the studio organization, I can say it is done…for now at least. There are still a couple of projects I want to tackle–painting the built-in cupboards, scaling down the entertainment console–but generally I am done. I could not have accomplished all of this without the assistance of my Energizer-Bunny of a Mom. She was the voice of sanity many times asking why I needed this, or did I really need 17 of that. Together we sorted, cleaned and organized my craft space into the efficient workroom I have yearned for.

Here are more photos of the other areas of the studio:


2 thoughts on “Studio Organization Update – The desk, credenza and hutch

    • So far, so good. I have done a couple of projects and the supplies are managing to get back to their homes at the end. It definitely is more inspiring to have a clean worksurface than a pile of whatever!

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