Studio Organization Update – The Jewelry Station

I removed the long cluttered 6′ folding table from the studio. It was a handy place to paint, soldier or whatever on, but it took up WAY too much room and became yet another surface for crap.

I moved the small 4′ table I use for my jewelry underneath the window. The natural light makes it a great workspace for my jewelry. I cleaned out the red tool cart, and now have a place for all of my jewelry supplies. The cart has a large open area at the bottom that fits my bead boxes nicely. This has allowed me to get rid of the clear drawers that weren’t serving my needs.

This is the view of my jewelry station from the desk. The red cart can be moved against the wall to open up the space for large projects.

This is the top drawer, it is shallow and fits the jewelry trays perfectly. I lined the drawer with scrap velvet so the trays won’t move, and if I ever lay pieces on them they won’t get scratched. The center tray is for all those loose beads that never find their way home.

Although it doesn’t look like it, this is organized into storage bins. These baggies are full of findings and beads that aren’t used often, but are still needed.

The bottom drawer is full of pieces and parts used to make new masterpieces. It is much more inspiring to see this drawer rather than a huge pile of whatever on my tabletop.

The bottom compartment holds the bead boxes nicely. There is a pull-down door that can be closed for an even cleaner look. The boxes are sorted by color and labeled on top so I can see what I need from above.

There is even room for a recliner in the new studio–Bobby is very pleased to have a new place to sleep. This is the third home for this recliner. It was first in my mother’s living room, then mine, now the studio.


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